Open Recruitment
Written by Krim   
Monday, 16 January 2012 19:20

GTN has always had a longstanding commitment to invitation only recruitment. However due to the current smaller Darkspace playerbase and difficulty in actively recruiting new members GTN has decided to switch to an open recruitment policy. Minimum requirements are a rank of Admiral, the Silver Star Badge (which is attainable by getting all the other silver badges) and a minimum of 2 months of play time. All applicants for GTN service must read and accept the GTN code of honor. This is a non-negotiable tenant of our fleet and your in-game and chat behavior must represent GTN at all times or you will be banned from the fleet.

Once an applicant has met these requirements they may apply to join GTN. After which there will be a probationary period where they will be observed for in game behavior that is respective of GTN qualities and the code of Honor. If you have any questions you may direct them to any GTN member or the Fleet Admiral Krim {C?}


New website address
Written by BackSlash   
Thursday, 18 November 2010 22:48

If you're reading this, then you're no-doubt aware that our website address has changed.  With all the history this fleet has accumulated from its years of inception, the members we have, and our spiffy design and logo, I figured it was about time we had our own domain.

So, without any further delay, I give you -

New members: CTech & Okkam's Razor
Written by BackSlash   
Sunday, 25 April 2010 14:17

Please everyone welcome our newest members, CTech and Okkam's Razor!  CTech is actually a very, very old GTN member, so send an extra-special welcome back to him!

Re-Enlisted: Vinco
Written by Krim   
Thursday, 18 November 2010 22:48

Everyone please welcome back Vinco from an extended Hiatus.

The Galactic Navy's redesigned crest
Written by Krim   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 07:51

A big round of applause for Sopswith Camel for redesigning and renewing our Galactic Navy crest. The new logo is featured prominently on our website and in many member's signatures. Some highlighted attributes include:

* The UGTO "sun" design has been emphasized and brought up from the side to be the main design element. The sun points forward to show GTN's leadership in the UGTO.

* The number of stars in the inner circle has been reduced to 23, representing the current number of members. The large white star in the top of the seal represents that we are all under one Commander-in-Chief. The black star in the tail of the UGTO "sun" represents our late fleet member, R33, and also symbolizes the annual ritual of flying into the R33 star to commemorate his passing.

* The center circle has been changed to navy blue from black to recall the colour of navies of 17th to 21st century Earth.

* "UGTO 613" now appears to show our factional allegiance as well as our fleet number. GTN's special "hollow star" version of the UGTO tristar insignia has been retained in the new seal; however it is significantly scaled down.

Remember, Honor is All. All members live by the code, many thanks to Sopswith again for his hard work and dedication to the fleet.

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